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woman holding jaw in painFor a broken arm or other emergency, patients know they can visit their nearest emergency room for care, but when the emergency involves dental health, many people aren’t sure where to begin. At Pleasant Grove Family Dentistry, we do our utmost to see patients experiencing the dental emergency right away. If you need help with toothache, jaw pain, or other emergency dentistry needs, call our Texarkana dentist and team right away. In many cases, we’re able to see patients on the same day they contact us, and if we can’t see you the day your emergency occurs, we’ll help you with directions for at-home care and pain management.

Common Dental Emergencies

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Many patients hesitate to contact our Texarkana team because they’re worried they don’t need urgent dental care. However, even if your dental care doesn’t need treatment immediately, it’s always best for us to begin repairing your smile as soon as possible. Additionally, one of our knowledgeable team members can walk you through caring for your smile at home until you reach our office. Some of the dental emergencies we see most often include:

Caring for Your Smile at Home

Man holding jaw in pain

One of our skilled dental team members will help you with at-home care and pain management when you call, but for patients who like to be prepared, some simple steps you can take include:

Preventing Dental Emergencies

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We know that many dental emergencies simply cannot be avoided. However, there are some habits you can change to reduce your risk for dental emergencies, including:

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