Straighter Smiles in Less Time with Six Month Smiles® in Texarkana

In recent years, more and more adults are interested in straightening their smiles, but it’s no surprise they also express concerns about the adverse effects traditional braces have on their professional image. For many adults, they are not necessarily worried about correcting an uneven bite. Instead, their concerns are things like crooked front teeth or uneven spacing between teeth. For patients interested in correcting minor cosmetic smile alignment concerns, Six Month Smiles® may offer the ideal solution. If you’re interested in finding out more about the cosmetic orthodontic solutions at Pleasant Grove Family Dentistry, contact our team schedule an orthodontic consultation today.

The Six Month Smiles® Process

The first part of the Six Month Smiles® alignment process is a consultation with Dr. Torin Marracino. During this appointment, we’ll carefully examine your supportive dental structures and the visible parts of the smile. As long as there are not underlying concerns that indicate a need for more advanced orthodontic treatment, we’ll carefully develop a Six Month Smiles® treatment plan to position your front facing teeth in their ideal alignment. Six Month Smiles® braces are crafted from tooth colored or clear brackets and wires, and they are custom made in a Six Month Smiles® lab to fit patients’ unique smiles. Once we receive these custom-crafted brackets and wires, the dentist attaches them directly to the teeth, and schedules regular appointments where the brackets and wires will be adjusted to shift teeth into their ideal alignment. In about six months, we remove the brackets and wires revealing patients’ newly perfected smiles.

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