How to Deal with Morning Breath

April 9, 2023

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Have you ever leaned over to kiss your partner first thing in the morning, only to have them recoil immediately? You may be suffering from some pretty serious morning breath!

If so, there are quite a few reasons why that may be the case. Here are a few, along with how you can deal with them.

Bad Hygiene

One of the most common reasons for bad breath comes down to an excess of bacteria in the mouth. If you have especially bad breath, you may not be taking as good care of your teeth as you ought to, leading to an excess of plaque buildup.

If you want to deal with your chronic morning breath, you should do what you can to better your dental hygiene. Brush twice a day, floss daily, and use antibacterial mouthwash to keep the bacteria from flourishing in your mouth.

Dry Mouth

In a similar vein, saliva serves as the mouth’s natural cleanser, and a deficit of it can lead to elevated levels of bacteria in the mouth. This is often the case when we sleep when the amount of saliva we produce tends to decrease. This problem worsens if you breathe through your mouth while you sleep, as many people do.

While it’s hard to adjust how much saliva you have while you sleep, you can make sure that you aren’t making the problem any worse. Certain medications can also cause dry mouth, so you should check with your doctor whether that could be the case for you. You can also ensure that you’re hydrated just before bed so that you don’t miss out on any saliva.


Even if you’re thorough with your dental hygiene, smoking can still cause bad breath over time. Many times, this is severe enough to even cause bad breath long after you’ve actually smoked, like when you first wake up.

If you want to freshen your breath, you can always try cutting out tobacco. Not only will this make your breath more pleasant, but it will also be a serious boon to your health!

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